Reservation Questions

How can I make a reservation with Liberty Limo?

Reservations can be made on our secure Web site at, or you can call our toll free number at 800-657-1507, or call us at 212-343-0300.
To get a quote, please click here and on the “Form Type” choose “Quote”

What kind of vehicles can I reserve?

Liberty Luxury Limousine offers a variety of vehicles which can accommodate from a single passenger to very large groups. You can reserve a Luxury Town Car, SUV, 14-Passengers Van, Stretch Limousines or up to 56-passenger Minibuses and Coaches. You can view our vehicles on our web site.

What type of information do I need to provide for the reservation?

We need the date and time, passenger’s name, a contact number, pick up address or flight information for airport pickup, destination, how many passengers and the form of payment. Also, any special requests, such as pets, car seats, wheel chair accessible vehicle, etc.

Do you check my flight?

Yes. We will check the arrival time for your flight. As long as you remain on the same airline and flight, you do not need to contact Liberty Limo,we will check the flight. Only in the event that you changed airline, or flight, will you need to call us and give us the new information for your pick up.

Where do I meet my driver at the Airport?

For domestic flight your driver will wait at the baggage claim with the sign, reading your name. For international flights he will be waiting right out of the customs.

What is Liberty Limo’s cancellation policy?

To avoid a full charge for service, you must cancel your reservation. You must provide confirmation # for each reservation and receive a cancellation # from our representative.
Our Cancellation Policy:

Manhattan 30 minutes
Outer Boroughs 1 hour
Newark or JFK 1 hour
LaGuardia 1 hour
Out of town 30 miles from midtown – 2 hours
31-60 miles from midtown – 3 hours
61 or more miles from midtown – 4 hours

Limousines and Vans:
12 hours prior to reservation time.
Minibuses and Coaches:
48 hours prior to reservation time

Cost & Payment Questions

How much am i really paying?

All  quoted fares consist of one pick up and one drop off location,  and do not include 20% mandatory gratuities, extra stops, waiting time, parking at the airports and tolls. Your chauffeur will pay the tolls or parking fees and will charge them to you at the end of the ride.

Effective June 1st, 2009 some of our services are subject to NY SALES TAX.

Waiting time: Each client gets a 15 minute grace period for non-airport pickups, after which waiting time will be charged at the applicable rate for the vehicle ordered. Example: If a client gets into the vehicle 15 minutes after the pickup time, it’s free. If 20 minutes later, the whole 20 minutes will be charged.

At the airports:

30 minutes free waiting time given on all Domestic flights from the official posted arrival time.
45 minutes free waiting time given on all International flights from the official posted arrival time. Additional waiting time will be calculated in increments of 15 minutes at the vehicle’s hourly rate.

Does Liberty Limo accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards. When you book your reservation we obtain approval from the credit card company, and your card will be charged only after completion of your trip. You will need to have the card with you and present it to the chauffeur for imprint when the pick up is made.
We also accept cash,  but we require a credit card to backup  your order.

Can I book a vehicle for someone else and pay for it?

Yes. You can reserve service for other passengers and pre-pay for it by authorizing Liberty Limo to charge the trip to your credit card (you will need to fill up an authorization). Or, if you book it well in advance, you can pay by check, as long as it clears before pickup date.

How can I get a receipt for my trip?

If you pay by cash, please ask your chauffeur to provide a receipt when you arrive at your destination. If paying by a credit card, or charging to your Liberty Limo account, please take one copy of the voucher and use that as a receipt. And of course, you can always request a extra receipt from our representative.

Callbacks and Waiting Time Charges 

Will Liberty Limo call me when the vehicle is on location?

Yes. Our representative will call the client  when the driver arrives on location.

What happens if I don’t see my driver?

 If you don’t see your driver, please call us immediately at 212-343-0300,  so that one of our dispatchers can get in touch with the driver and help you to locate each other
Please do not leave! ALL no shows will be charged full rate. Call us to avoid being charged.

Other Questions

Does Liberty Limo offers car seats for kids?

Yes. There is a charge for this service, as we can’t have car seats stored in the vehicles. The driver will have to travel to our office, pick up the proper seat and go to your pickup location.

Does Liberty Limo allow pets in the vehicles?

Yes. A small pet can go in a sedan, providing it’s in a kennel or a carrier. Otherwise an SUV should be ordered. For all big pets, an SUV must be ordered. The only exception will apply to Service Dogs.